Fund Raising for Sports Facilities

A 100 Club is an exciting way of helping the BSA promote sports in the community and maintain the recreation ground pavilion. 

For a monthly investment of £3 you have the chance to win cash prizes up to £100.  the odds of you winning something in the year are less than 3:1, much better than the National Lottery!

Prizes are drawn four times a year at quarterly intervals and are awarded as follows:

One prize of £100
Three prizes of £50
Two prizes of £25
Five prizes of £10 

To take part, please complete the application by clicking this link
BSA 100 Club Application Form and return it to:

Mrs C Kelly
Dower House Crescent
Tunbridge Wells
Kent TN4 0TT


1. This private lottery takes the form of a series of four quarterly draws drawn for the prizes shown, in January, April, July and October. It is conducted in accordance with the Lotteries and Amusements Act 1976 and, in particular, Section 4 of the Act. 

2. The total cost of participation in all four draws is £36.  Payment may be made by annual banker's order or in cash.  Members may pay for and hold more than one ticket. 

3. On receipt of the application from, the promoter will issue a formal receipt bearing the participant's draw number. 

4. All participants have the right to witness the draw, which will be made in the presence of the promoter or his nominees. 

5. All winners will be notified by email or post and names will be displayed in the Kentish Hare public house.  No prizes shall be paid or delivered by the promoter other than to the member with the winning number. 

6. The proceeds, after deducting prize money and expenses incurred for printing, stationery and postage, shall be paid to the Bidborough Sports Association.  If there are insufficient members to make the 100 Club viable, payments will be returned.

7. In the event of a dispute about the conduct of the draw, the validity of membership or any other relevant matter, it shall be referred to the committee of the Bidborough Sports Association, whose decision will be final and binding. 

8. The committee of the Bidborough Sports Association has authorised Mr Colin T Barber, Bidborough Close, Franks Hollow Road, Bidborough, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN3 0UD to be the promoter.