Arthur Nicholson Recreation Ground - 'The Trust'

The land which now makes up the Arthur Nicholson Recreation Ground was placed in trust by Herbert Nicholson in 1929 for the benefit of the inhabitants of Bidborough.  As well as being used for recreational purposes, the Ground is also home to the sports of cricket, tennis, bowls and stoolball; details of which can be found on our 'Clubs, Societies & Facilities' tab.

Bidborough Parish Council are Charity Trustees for the Recreation Ground and may be contacted through the clerk to the Parish Council.

Over the last year or so, Bidborough Parish Council, as Trustees, have reached the conclusion of a lengthy review as it had become apparent some of the requirements of the original deed were no longer being fulfilled.  The Trust are now in the process of re-establishing the Committee of Management to oversee duties within the Ground and have also approved the refurbishment of the young children's play park which is located within the Ground.